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National Annex 12899-1-2007

Simon Morgan, Buchanan Computing writes: Retroreflective class R3C is here

A higher standard of night-time visibility for unlit traffic signs may now be specified.

The January 2018 corrigendum to the UK National Annex to BS EN 12899-1:2007 arrived at all good bookshops (well on the BSI website, anyway) at the end of last week. Now you can specify a higher performance material, typically for gantry signs and where lorry drivers wouldn’t get sufficient light back from other materials.

The annex says that class R3C-UK may also be useful for signs in other driving scenarios. (The “-UK” suffix is needed because other countries don’t have this class in their annexes.)

Anyone shelling out the £254 for the whole standard from now on will get the new annex included, but if you have purchased it previously you should get the revised version free on application to BSI.

We have requested a copy from BSI for our Standards bank which is available through Working Group Chairs.