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Unipart Dorman

Unipart Dorman is a leading UK manufacturer of innovative road products including Traffic Management solutions, hazard warning lamps and Vehicle Activated Signs. We have over 130 years experience in developing products and solutions that deliver a variety of benefits without compromising safety and performance.

Our team of electronic and mechanical design engineers deliver innovative world-class patented products to operate in challenging environments of a safety-critical nature and our expertise in LED technology has resulted in the development of a series of industry ‘firsts’, including the Unipart Dorman ConeLITE, which is the industry-standard warning lamp for road hazards.

We are proud that our Traffic Management products are ‘Made in Britain’, designed and manufactured at our UK site in Southport where we have created an environment and culture that enables our people to explore new ideas, nurture and develop concepts and work with our industry and innovation partners in bringing new technologies into our customers’ hands.

Our extensive range of Vehicle Activated Signs is designed to enhance safety on the roads and has been proved to make a difference and achieve results by encouraging legal speed limit compliance, impacting driver behaviour, increasing awareness and achieving improved safety on the highway.

As part of the Unipart Group, our use of the renowned Unipart Way of working means that quality is managed throughout every aspect of our business and our ISO 9001 accreditation demonstrates our commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

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