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D3, Premier Centre
Abbey Park
S051 9DG

Tel: 01794 511388
Fax: 01794 830143
Email: cherryb@radixtraffic.co.uk
Web: http://www.radixtraffic.co.uk

Radix Traffic Limited

Radix Traffic has been established since 1988 and is the largest manufacturer of Rotating Cone Tactile Equipment to assist visually impaired pedestrians cross the road safely at pedestrian crossings.

In recent years Radix have invested significantly in new product developments. These include a cost effective vehicle detector which is installed below the carriageway surface. No slot cutting or traffic management is therefore required to install or maintain the detector.

And a field replaceable photocell which dims traffic signals during the day well as at night, thereby saving significant energy.

High quality products and a focus on customer service have been key elements in the Company’s success and this policy has been enhanced by its ISO9001 certification.

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