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ARTSM Executive Committee 2020 –

Graham Muspratt (Chair), Clearview;

Keith Manston (Vice Chair), Siemens;

Sean Coffey, elected member 2017, Rennicks

Mark Pleydell, elected member 2018, PTC

Will Baron, elected member 2019, Keysoft, resigned June 2020  VACANCY

Steve Moore, elected member 2019, Righton Blackburns

Co-opted members :  All working group Chairs – currently : WG1 Peter Diamond, Pudsey Diamond;  WG2 vacancy;  WG3 Ilyas Sharif, Nissen;   WG4  Richard Bevins, Coeval

External Committees:

TOPAS : Traffic Open Products and Specifications:

Current representatives : Mark Pleydell (Director); Keith Manston WG4; Pete Hutchinson WG4; Ilyas Sharif WG3


BSI : (Category B – Building)

B509/3 : Construction of Road Traffic Signs (covering BSEN 12899 & BS8442)

Current representatives :  Sean Coffey, Rennicks; Phil Mitchell, Ticknall Solar; Craig Gutteridge, Opticonsulting

(Chair: Simon Morgan, Buchanans Computing)

B509/10 : Breakaway Passive Safety (covering BSEN 12767 & BSEN 12899:2)

Current representatives :  Dave Franklin, Mallatite (Chair : Ian Thomas, Rennicks)

B509/11 : Road Vertical Signs and Variable Message Signs (covering BSEN 19966)

Current representatives : Peter Hatherell, A Plant; Ilyas Sharif (REMA); Dave Cousins, Swarco (Chair : Dave Cousins)

B509/12 – Autonomous Vehicles – vacancies (2) nominations required

Current Representatives : Mark Pleydell -PTC, Kishan Ram – Mallatite


BSI B sub committees (covering EN 50556 & 50293):

EPL/526 – traffic control equipment : current representatives : Dave Cousins – Swarco, Keith Manston – Siemens

EPL/ –        bollards : Vacancy

EPL/278 – Intelligent Transport Systems : no representation currently


DfT Traffic Signs and Markings Technical Working Party :

Current representatives :  Kealie Franklin – General Secretary