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Archives: April 2019

BREXIT notifications

Brexit and local government – 5/6/19 Existing trade agreements on a no deal BREXIT – 16/5/19 Signed UK Trade Agreements transitioned from EU – 16/5/19 European Withdrawal Act and Common Frameworks report – 16/5/19 Public Sector procurement after no deal 15/5/19 Joint communique from British- Irish intragovernmental conference 15/5/19 Notices under the Customs (Import Duty) […]

Transport Technology Forum

The TTF has now been revived and the inaugural meeting happened at the end of March.  For more information go to : https://www.highways-uk.com/huk/talking-heads/transport-technology-forum-20-hits-the-ground-running/?postid=65  

ITS UK Scale of Connections

ITS (UK) Scale of connections article for connected vehicles – 8/4/19