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Executive Committee 2017

Two new members have joined the Executive Committee for 2017.  Jodie Mclean and David Gwyther were elected in October, to serve from the end of the AGM in November 2016.  At the new Committee’s first meeting in February 2017, Dan Robinson was elected as chair, and Graham Muspratt as vice-chair and chairman-designate, to succeed Dan Robinson at the end of his term at the 2018 AGM.

The full committee therefore comprises:

Dan Robinson (TMP Solutions) (chair)

Lindsay Forster (Standard Signs)

David Gwyther (3M)

Keith Manston (Siemens)

Jodie Mclean (Eurosigns)

Graham Muspratt (Clearview Intelligence)

Will Baron (Keysoft Solutions) (co-opted)

Roger Stainforth (VMS) (co-opted)

Mark Pleydell (Radix Traffic) (co-opted)